Home Futures @ Design Museum, London / by Julie Brownson

Off to the Design Museum in always ravishing Kensington, London we go to check out the ‘Home Futures’ Exhibition. It’s an interesting reflection on where we have arrived in terms of our homes given where designers of the past thought we would go. Thankfully we are not living in inflatable, heated and air-conditioned bubbles, but we are arguably living more transparent private lives as technology tracks our every move. It’s a thought-provoking and beautiful as an exhibition. It leaves us, as always, rather confused about predicting trends, which always seem to be mostly predicted after they have happened and fascinated about the process of predicting trends. When does something take root and become a trend? And given the pervasive effect of, and speed of light change in, technology leaves us wondering if we can ever anticipate what is on the horizon and how best we can ‘future proof’ our designs. Our advice? Do your research sure, read and look around widely, your eye and your heart will tell you if a trend or movement is right for you and your home.

Perhaps not the most important questions asked, but one we love; ‘what happened to the garden gnome’? Well, Golden Gordon is alive and well in Studio 152. He doesn’t move much (at all) but always brings a smile, and is great for impromptu awards for all round fabulousness.

Home Futures’ is on at the Design Museum, London until 24th March, 2019.

Golden Gordon (c) Studio 152, 2019