What Can We Do For You? / by Julie Brownson

The BIID (British Institute of Interior Design) posed this frank question in one of their blog posts. Clearly anyone can engage in interior design, most people have likes and dislikes and the internet has opened up access to purchasing for interiors widely, and globally, often with great discounts. So we ask ourselves again: What Can We Do For You? Here are some thoughts based on the residential refurbishment projects we are currently working on… We

  • plan space effectively and imaginatively communicated through CAD drawings to scale

  • provide 3D visualisations of spaces so you can see what will fit and how the space will feel when you start filling it with furniture

  • encourage you to be adventurous, not for the sake of it but to add colour, texture and shapes you might not previously have considered

  • ensure cohesion, yes it is good to be adventurous but clashing interiors, or overtly themed rooms, make for a living environment that feels wrong, wrong, wrong

  • communicate your choices and goals effectively to contractors, back to the scale CAD drawings which are drawn accurately and meet widely accepted technical drawing conventions

  • negotiate with suppliers to obtain favourable prices

Eek, listed like that it sounds rather drab! Anyway, read our testimonials and you will get a flavour of what we do and how we work. And be reassured we wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t fun along the way and incredibly satisfying to see projects come from the page and into real life.

Below is an image we are loving from Andrew Martin colour, texture, shapes, finishes, genius.

Image (c) Andrew Martin 2019

Image (c) Andrew Martin 2019