Bookcase Pride / by Julie Brownson

Before I became consumed by design I would have scoffed at anyone who did anything to co-ordinate or organise their bookshelves. In my many years working as a lawyer books, for me, were important for their content, not the way they looked. Many years later, and with a substantial library of design books to my name, I totally understand the pleasures of a carefully curated shelf. I don’t mean turn your books around so all you see is the white pages, where is the fun in that and how do you find something to read? Instead take some time to organise your books by colour, there’s no need to be uptight about it, work with what you’ve got. Check under book covers, there may be a beautiful teal hardback hiding under a cover that, if the book is loved, will have become tatty with time. The end results might be pretty as a picture.